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Gaynor Scott

Gaynor Scott

No matter where Gaynor Scott chooses to call home, the former east coaster's love of animals remains constant. When living in New York, she adopted a dog she named Lucy, a mixed breed originally from Texas who came to her local animal rescue following Hurricane Harvey. Lucy, she said, is the reason she soon decided to start volunteering for that same rescue.

In 2019, Gaynor moved cross country to Los Angeles, bringing with her a fervent desire to continue helping animals in need. Once settled in her new city, she began searching for a organization where she could do so.

"I looked online for the closest animal rescue [to me] and Pasadena Humane came up. After reading about it on the website I decided it was the perfect place to volunteer," she said. Today, Gaynor is a member of our Blossoming Wallflowers team of volunteers, who work with shy and fearful dogs. These volunteers provide calm, consistent interaction that helps them build confidence, gain trust, and come out of their shells.

Gaynor's move to California also prompted her to make a new will. When she did, it was an easy decision to include Pasadena Humane in it after witnessing firsthand the work our shelter does every day on behalf of lost, injured, and abused animals.

"I like the overall care for the animals [Pasadena Humane provides]. It means a lot to me that no matter how old or ill or difficult, every animal is cared for with the same consideration," she said. "It's comforting to know that my gift will go to help animals in need."

She said she would like her future gift to go where it is most needed at the time, while also serve as a tribute to her sons Josh and Alex as well as her beloved Lucy, who started it all.