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Kira and Brian Deputy

Kira and Brian Deputy

Kira and Brian Deputy first connected with the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA in 1993 when they adopted their dog, Clara, a Chow Chow/retriever mix. Soon after, Kira began volunteering for the shelter, eventually joining the Pasadena Animal League (PAL), the organization's all-volunteer auxiliary. Brian also came along for the ride, lending his graphic design talents and work connections to the shelter's fundraising efforts. As the two became more involved with our organization, they made the important decision to name Pasadena Humane in their estate plans.

"Because we don't have children, we felt that it made a lot of sense to leave a portion of our estate to a cause with which we were associated and cared deeply about," Kira explained. "At the time we were doing our trust, we had already been involved with Pasadena Humane for several years, so it was an easy decision."

Their love of animals is evident: Kira and Brian went on to adopt a second dog from Pasadena Humane-Luigi, a malti-poo-and two pups from an outside rescue group Pasadena Humane worked with-Argyle, a Tibetan terrier mix, and Pippy, a Lhasa Apso /Shih Tzu mix. Pippy and Luigi are part of the family still.

Even though the couple has since moved out of Southern California, they remain deeply committed to our mission and the welfare of the nearly 12,000 animals we take in every year. They also look back on their work with PAL as one of the happiest, most meaningful times of their lives.

"We hope this gift, whatever size it winds up being, will help Pasadena Humane continue to help animals in need. We would like to know that our money helped save an animal's life, alleviate its suffering and find it a forever home," said Kira. "And I would say to anyone considering leaving a bequest to Pasadena Humane that if it is important to you today to help animals in need, think how nice it will be to be able to do it after you are gone!"